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Stoic Beauty and Timeless Tales: Navigating the Rich History of Washington, D.C.'s Monuments

Onto to the second part of our journey in DC: the monuments. The flow of them is effortless and beautiful. Nestled within the heart of the capital these monuments stand as a testament to history, culture, and resilience. Its iconic monuments, like silent sentinels, bear witness to the nation's journey

World War II Monument
World War II Monument

through time. From the somber reflection offered by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to the towering presence of the Washington Monument, these structures serve as more than just architectural marvels; they embody the ideals, struggles, and triumphs that have shaped the nation. Walking amidst these monuments is to embark on a profound exploration of America's narrative, where stone and bronze tell stories that words alone could never fully convey.

So we had two options to see all the monuments, we could either walk to them all or take a bus around that drops us off at each one. I found on trip advisor an awesome night time tour that started right around 7:30 pm and lasted till about 10:00 pm. The sun was beginning to set and the monuments started to illuminate. The soft yellow glow at each statue was calming and serene. At each one we spent about 20 minutes walking around, taking photos, and

Washington Monument and Reflecting pool
Washington Monument

getting a small history lesson from our very helpful tour guide. It was a great way to see everything in an efficient amount of time and definitely helped cut back the amount of walking D.C. requires of you. The Lincoln Memorial- there's a sense of calmness when you walk up the stairs to see him. You are presented with this massive carving of someone so prominent in history. The colossal statue of Abraham Lincoln, seated in a contemplative pose, gazes out over the Reflecting Pool towards the Washington Monument. His stern yet compassionate countenance embodies the resilience and wisdom of a leader

who navigated the nation through one of its most trying periods.

Lincoln Monument
Lincoln Monument

Everyone sits on the steps and takes a few minutes to take in the sight and the emotions that you might feel while visiting him. It's a moving experience.

We made our way to the Korean War Monument. It was a pretty surreal moment for myself. The monument pays tribute to the courage, sacrifice, and unity of those who served during the "Forgotten War" The monument's design is strikingly evocative – a squad of 19 stainless steel statues, each representing a squad on patrol, traversing the rugged terrain of the Korean Peninsula. These soldiers, frozen in a moment of determination and camaraderie, capture the essence of the challenges faced by those who fought in a war that tested the limits of resilience and diplomacy. The wall behind the statues is inscribed with the images of servicemen and women, their faces etched with a mix of determination and apprehension. These haunting images remind us that the human cost of war reaches beyond the battlefield, leaving a lasting impact on families and communities.

Korean War Monument with Wreath at Sun down
Korean War Monument

At night, the wall is illuminated, creating a solemn atmosphere that encourages reflection and remembrance.

Nestled in the back of the monument is a long wall of names etched into it each section dedicated to branches of military. Here are the names of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I am personally looking for the Air Force plaque where my mom's cousins name is located. He was an Air Force Pilot who was captain of his plane, in a mission him and his brothers were shot down and all were lost. It was said some were taken as POWs (prisoners of war) or some were killed on impact. Either way, a name is written into that stone that I am related to. I may not have known this person first hand but his story and his sacrifice for the country he loved will be a story that is passed down for many generations.

So if you ever in D.C. go see all the monuments. Read the names on them and understand the history that's attached to these statues. Take a moment to think about all the people who made it possible for you to be visiting this place- its an overwhelmingly feeling of gratitude when you take a moment to step back and thank those who gave their lives for this country. You leave with a profound respect and pride after learning the rich history and the reason they are here.


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